Business Event FAQ

IndiaNear is hosting it's first-ever virtual live-stream event to bring together businesses and customers.

No. The event is entirely free of cost, and if you register, you will get a complimentary magazine with details of all the businesses near you.

You can register for free with us on our website. By registering, you will also get a complimentary magazine with business listings near you.

The event is for all; whether you want to be a sponsor, advertiser, speaker, competitor, or just an interested consumer, we welcome all to join us.

We have multiple services listed to help you find the right business and more information about the companies. We host numerous authentic user reviews to help you choose the right business for you. Our event will also have a panel of speakers, and customers will be able to participate in the Q&A session and get their queries answered by experts. Customers who register on our website will also get a complimentary magazine with a listing of businesses near you.

Through our event, we can promote your business to interested customers and increase brand recognition to improve your business. If you would like to advertise during our event, we have multiple spaces between our programs. Our sponsors will have their brand repeated throughout our event to an actively engaged audience leading to increased brand image. And if you would like to prove the mettle of your business to the audience, you can register into a competition based on your performance and be a winner in your category.

You can register on our website and Contact Us with a message. If you are interested in registering as a sponsor or an advertiser let us know in the message section and we will respond to you within 2-3 business days.

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