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A1 Rental Vans


2600 K Ave, STE 256, Plano TX 75074, United States.

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Sigma Tours and Travels

Sigma Tours and Travels

Sigma Travel & Tours, 12959 Jupiter Road Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75238

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Pagematics, 101 E. Park Blvd, Suite #600, Plano, TX 75074

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Smartwcm, 101 E. Park Blvd, Suite #600, Plano, TX 75074

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  • Enhancing-Your-Business

    A calling application that allows businesses to manage communications with their various clients through an application installed on their phones.

  • Advertising-Your-Business
    Customer Rewards System:

    Allows business owners to customize their loyalty program to track and reward loyal customers. Customers can redeem cash on their ListPM Owner Wallet on repeated purchases. Business owners can also send their social media handles to the customers via email or SMS.


Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing Team manages your business social media profiles allowing you to develop your brand image, stay relevant on social media and increase your reach.

Location Based Enquiries

Customer requirements are routed to ListPM, we understand and note the full extent and specifications of the requirements. These requirements are communicated to multiple relevant businesses located within the vicinity of the customer, allowing for businesses to provide a precise quotation. This helps businesses generate new and relevant leads.

Listing Services

We provide premium listing services for $20/ month. We also create custom business listing platforms or Business Directory Networks for organizations, associations, groups of individuals or businesses who may need a private listing for members only. Give us a call for pricing information.

Online Advertising

We provide premium advertising space on our Listing platform which is displayed to customers based on their searches.

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  • Enhancing-Your-Business
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    Generate fresh leads. Get customer requirements from a client manager reducing your overall marketing costs.

  • Advertising-Your-Business
    Advertise your Business

    Use our social media marketing and online marketing services. Grow your followers and reach out to your audience.

  • Develop-Brand
    Develop Brand Image

    Engage with your audience, build a connection, to ensure repeat purchase and build a positive brand image.


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